Monday, March 26, 2007

Making it Real

Been gone a while because the vitriol in the news and the utter insanity of D.C. has been self explanatory. Today I found something everyone in America needs to read.

Sis B is a military wife whose husband is currently in Iraq. She was one of those who "support the troops but not the mission". It is difficult for me to question that she supports the troops; her husband is one of them. She had enough of people (guilty as charged) making the generic statements that if you don't support the mission the troops are on then you don't support the troops.

What follows are 3 posts. SisB posts her position, her husband posts a reply, and she posts her counter-reply. You must read them all or you will have missed something very important. They aren't very long. This is the most honest and heartfelt and civil discussion of this topic and it almost brought me to tears.

SisB original post.

LostWarriorPoet reply.

SisB response to LostWarriorPoet.

God Speed to you both.


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