Thursday, April 17, 2008

The great dusk hunt

I get such enjoyment out of watching the Terrier go on one of his multiple hunts/night I thought I would try to catch some snapshots and share. You must understand that this dog lives to kill rodents.... mice, squirrels, rabbits, whatever. I missed a lot because flashes have such limited range and the little monster is faster than I am.

The exit...... we have a mission

Is there a scent on the walkway? Must find a trail to follow.....

It went this way....

I see nothing in the rose bush..... no leaves to hide behind yet.....

What the hell happened to the hose reel? The wind storms are getting fiercer. Maybe that's why the mice are all hiding.

Anything under the walkway?

I should definitely check the window well... I have no idea what I'll do if there is a mouse down there but it's always good to check.

Time to check under the deck..... being ever so careful not to step on Mom's plants

Something made a noise.... where'd it go

have fun all....... hope you enjoyed


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