Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Congressional Republicans still have a spine

While the President has largely avoided any moves that might stir up trouble with the Hispanic vote w.r.t. illegal immigration and the Senate Republicans have been wishy washy on this and on the "constitutional option", the House Republicans have stepped forward with legislation that any rational person, conservative or liberal, must agree is a step in the right direction.
Under Real I.D.'s provisions, the secretary of Department of Homeland Security could waive laws in border areas, allowing completion of a section of border fence near San Diego; judges would have more discretion in deciding asylum petitions; and the categories of those who can be deported for association with terrorist groups would be expanded.
But the most wide-ranging provision would set standards for government-issued IDs. The standards would include ensuring the holder is legally present in the United States. The 10 states that don't meet those standards would not be forced to change, but residents could not use their IDs for federal purposes such as boarding an airplane.

And, I assume, since ABC is a federal agency this includes buying alcohol or getting into bars. Any guesses as to how long those 10 states will take to change their laws when Joe 6-pack needs a passport to buy beer or get on a plane?


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