Thursday, September 01, 2005

Why I love Ann Coulter

Great political analysts are like great comedians. They are at their best when they are completely over the top but still manage to strike a note of reality. This week's Coulter column at WND is one such example. Nothing new here, please don't look for the man behind the curtain! Nothing to see here!
If the Senate needs to know what Roberts thought about the law at age 26, then the Senate certainly needs to know what Kennedy thought about the law at age 36, when he drowned a girl and then spent the rest of the evening concocting an alibi instead of calling the police.

And if that doesn't violate your favorite lib's sense of non-PC alert...
This isn't a "rehash" of Chappaquiddick; it's never been hashed. The Senate needs to know whether Kennedy was guilty of manslaughter. How else can the Senate be expected to carry out its constitutional duty to expel Kennedy unless Kennedy makes these key documents available?

Ann will go to any extreme to make sure every PC lib is offended. The best comedians violate this imaginary boundary on both sides. But the simple brilliance of coherently violating it on one side is why I follow Ann and Bill Maher closely. They will never make the all time greats list because they are too partisan, but they are both hilarious when they are on target.


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