Friday, September 09, 2005

Woman trampled in airplane bomb hoax

This is a really sad story. It is also one of the many concerns about the new big Airbus. The more people you stick on a plane the harder it is to get them off in an emergency without anyone getting badly hurt or killed. I don't know anything about the law in Sri Lanka but I hope they find the idiot who called in the hoax and prosecute him to whatever extent the law allows.

SRI Lankan authorities today began investigating a bomb hoax aboard a Saudi Arabian Airlines jumbo jet that sparked a stampede in which a woman passenger was killed, an official said.

"We are trying to trace the call which initially came to the airport telephone operator and then connected to the control tower," airport chief Tiran Alles said. "An investigation is under way."

Nineteen passengers who were seriously injured in the scramble to exit the Boeing 747 jet liner through emergency chutes were still in hospital today, a day after the incident at Sri Lanka's only international airport, doctors said.

A total of 62 out of the 430 passengers and 22 crew members were injured and most of them had minor bruises, airport officials said.


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