Saturday, November 05, 2005

Alito hearings in Jan

I have seen many folks on the right bemoan the hearings for Judge Alito being pushed out to January. It occurs to me that it might actually work to the Republican's favor. Any or all of the following may happen between now and Jan. 9, 2006.

1. Having gotten a judge he seems happy with, Tom Delay may get the ridiculous charges against him thrown out.
2. I suspect that the investigation into Bill Frist's stock transactions will conclude with a big yawn.
3. The "phase 2" report that the Dems through their tantrum over will be published with a resounding yawn.
4. Karl Rove still won't be indicted and claims that it is coming any day will continue to sound more and more hollow.
5. The "centrist/soft" Republicans have to go home and see real people who actually vote.

I don't think the timing of the hearings affect the outcome. Judge Alito will be confirmed. The question is what, if anything, happens to or with the filibuster. If the only topic that the wacko lefty Dems have to talk about to the microphones when they come out of the hearings is the Judge or Iraq they are going to be much less bold.

If all of these things do happen you might see something never before seen.... Chucky Schumer walking past a microphone and not saying anything. Probably not, but it is a happy thought for the day :-)


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