Saturday, November 05, 2005

Dry Bones on the French Intifada

The cartoon is here.

The more interesting thing on this one is the description of his process below.
The idea for this cartoon was not that creative.
Sort of simplistic.
I scribbled out the text while sitting in a barbershop.
But I needed to see some photos of the riots in order to draw the cartoon.

"Easy" I thought, so when I got back to my studio and computer, I jumped to a great site called newseum that shows the front pages of newspapers from 45 different countries.

I was certain (foolish me) that the front pages of the world's press would be covered with photos of the "French Intifada"... but on the 7th day of Paris burning practically no paper had any front page note of the riots.

My next step was to check news reports and found numerous versions of an AP story (with no photos) which focused on the plight of the poor "victims", like Farah:

Why are there so few pictures of this? Is the French government preventing journalists from getting them? Are they too afraid to go there and get them? Do the pictures show something they don't want seen? In mainland Europe with a "news event" that has been going on for over a week we should have lots and lots of pictures, don't you think? This is happening just outside Paris for goodness sake, not in the middle of the Sahara Desert.


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