Sunday, December 18, 2005

Hire Richi, more inside baseball

In case you are in the market for a good consultant in the computing field, consider the following posts:

Why hasn't SMS spam flooded US phones? I expected it and haven't seen it. Richi blogs on it in Thoughts about SMS text message spam.

Richi asks a very serious question, with some answers but not all of them in Should We Publish Email Addresses? I do, many don't, and many more do "balmer at" or other such tricks to try to reduce the infliction of spam address harvesting. I get a lot of spam. By a lot I mean in excess of 50 messages per day in the three accounts that I read regularly. It is a great pain in the tucus. It is a tradeoff. If you run Windoze (tm) and LookOut (tm) you also have to deal with a greater risk of virus attack than I do.

I deal with some of the largest ISPs on in the world every day about email. Therefore, by extension, I deal with some of the smartest folks in the world building and deploying anti-spam solutions. There are no ultimate, perfect, panacea solutions. Trust me, they don't exist. But if you aren't a propeller head and want to read about how to prevent spam one of the best sources is articles like this one from Richi.

Richi sums up mobile WiMAX very well in less than 100 words that are all understandable by non-geeks. This is a technology that I expect to hit big with the public when it becomes widely available and is well worth understanding and tracking.

Richi wins phishing war surrounding eBay, after much too much trouble. If you follow the industry, this is a must read. Note: eBay is a huge customer of my employer. Note: My wife is a huge eBay fan, much to the detriment of my bank account. Note: It wasn't their fault but their front line customer service folks could have done a better job. The point of the story is none of the above, it is really a story about the real danger and hassle of dealing with phishing. Anybody in the industry will be able to give you similar stories, with a variety of different large corporations as the "target".


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