Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I support Katherine Harris too!

Tammy writes why she supports Katherine Harris here. I agree, not only on my support but on the reasons why. I must admit that I was quite disappointed in her book but if you read past all of the details of her younger life and family that were uninteresting you were left with an impression that she is trying to do what she believes is the right thing in her public service and her personal life. This is rare today and I have never understood why the Central Command of the Republican party have been so dead set against her. I understand that they fear the backlash of lefty voters over her doing her job, very publicly, in the 2000 election. Are those folks going to vote for any Republican? I think not. Put her on display as a woman who stands up for the law and her job responsibilities. We all know that lefties abhor responsibilities but this woman seems to believe that the responsibilities of elected office are real. She should be a poster child and not an anathema.

I probably don't agree with all of her politics, but the thing is that we know little about her politics. She has been rigid in her quest to fulfill her responsibilities most of her public career and has spent little time in a position where her personal views have been shared. I'll take someone I don't agree with all the time who is trying to do the right thing over someone that I agree with most of the time who shirks their responsibilities and commitments. I firmly believe that if she had been in the Senate during the Clinton impeachment she would have been the only Senator to have read all of the evidence before voting. I have no clue how she would have voted but I bet she would have read all the evidence. None of the other losers we have there did. They took an oath at the beginning of the trial to do so and then they stuck their fingers in the air to read the wind and voted accordingly while ignoring said oath. Disgusting! Republicrats! A breath of fresh air from a woman who takes her job seriously would be welcome in my book.


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