Saturday, April 29, 2006

Susan Estrich on Dem Strategy

As much as I can't stand Susan Estrich's voice and most of her positions she is one of the few public figures on the Lefty side who has figured out that "the base" can't get you elected on a national scale.
The only problem, of course, which they don’t want to hear, is that Hugh is right about them. If you only needed 40 percent to win elections, it might be fine. But elections require 51 percent, and you can take all the stands you want in favor of hatred, but it doesn’t get you to that magic number.

The people in the middle, the people whose votes take you from the hard core liberal Democrats to a governing majority in this country, are increasingly concerned about the direction this country is going in, but they don’t question George Bush’s motives. They don’t think he lied to them intentionally, and they don’t have much use for people screaming about the fact that he did.
I think her 40 is high. I don't think either extreme base is any higher than 30%. The country is much more centrist than it was years ago and the extremes in the bases (particularly the left base) are more extreme than ever. I don't think there is 1 in 3 Americans who nod in total agreement with Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean. Nor do I think there are 1 in 3 Americans who nod in total agreement with Tom Tancredo or Pat Robertson. The biggest appeal of the Republicans to the center is that you have to go outside the leadership of the party to find extremists. The leadership of the Democratic party are THE EXTREMISTS.

The Republicans, whether you agree with them or not, have put adults in the leadership of their party, and don't invite whacko extremists to the State of the Union address to sit in the Presidential box. If the choice in November is a party I agree with on most things who are putting spoiled kiddies up for national election and a party I disagree with on most things who are putting up somber adults who take the world's problems seriously......


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