Monday, May 08, 2006

Eleanor Clift compares Hillary to Reagan

I am not kidding you! You have got to read this drivel to believe somebody could actually write this with a straight face.
"He was a grade-B movie actor," she said, failing to mention Reagan's two terms as governor of the nation's largest state. "He had orange hair. And a lot of Republicans worried that he couldn't be elected."

"And look what happened," Clift said, referring to Reagan's two electoral landslides

One key difference, she said, would be Bill Clinton.
Another key difference might be that in one case "the party" was worried about whether their candidate, having been a two term Governor of California, would be slaughtered for having once been an actor and being old, particularly among midwestern and southern conservatives. In the other case "the party" is worried whether a candidate who is utterly hated by 40% of the public, all of whom "know" her, can be elected.

In all general elections "the party" worries about how their potential candidate of choice will fare in the general election. I am sure there were people worrying about FDR and his illness. Will some member of the press harp on it and ask the uncomfortable questions? How will middle America react? I wouldn't compare that to either Reagan or Hillary and to compare the two of them to each other is laughable.

I have to renew my appeal to my friends in the Democratic party to send Hillary up as the nominee. It is the greatest gift you could give us, unless you will reconsider Kucinich or Dean or Gore. There is a theme here, don't you think? Carter seems to be a leading "thinker", can we have him as the Democratic nominee?

Have another drink Eleanor, then bum a ride from a Kennedy.


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