Friday, May 05, 2006

DWI without alcohol

During the discussions everywhere about Congressman Kennedy's little altercation there was a question I had that I did not see answered. It is my understanding that the law about DWI varies greatly from place to place. We had warnings on the radio last summer about the fact that you can get a DWI and lose your license in CO if your allergy medications make you drowsy or otherwise impair your driving. Is that the case in D.C.? Betsy's Page dug up the answer. And the answer is yes. That being the case, if we are going to treat the Congressman like everyone else, he should be very glad that he can afford a chauffeur. He is gonna need one for a while.

I do not want to speculate about the how's and why's until we know more but the man has admitted to being disoriented while driving as a result of taking prescribed meds. With or without alcohol his actions would seem to fit the known side effects of those meds, so while he might not be being totally honest, what he has told us fits what we know for sure. As a result, I think he should be presumed to be being completely honest about it until we know otherwise for sure, his family's penchant for not doing so aside. As they say, one should not visit the sins of the father upon the son.

He has just announced at a press conference that he is going back to rehab. I sincerely hope that goes well for him. He should still lose his license for a while, but I hope he can get control of his addiction problem.


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