Saturday, April 29, 2006

Duke Rape non-case

La Shawn Barber has the rundown. It is really looking more and more like we are gonna see some defamation suits out of this one. The sharks are circling and they are not from the DAs office. Those lawyers are in the middle of the private sharks trying to figure out how to get out of the circle.

I feel some sympathy for Nifong. He was a white guy in a very black district that had a black woman come to him claiming to be raped by white guys a month before an election. He was in a very tough spot. If he didn't make this very public and it turned out the charges were valid and provable, he could have been in big trouble at the polls. He made the opposite mistake of making extremely public a very, very bad case and now may face disbarment charges if things keep going the way they have recently.

Is there a history of elected DA's getting disbarred? I would think that would be pretty rare.


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