Monday, May 08, 2006

General Hayden is a good pick

I am not sure if General Hayden is the most qualified guy in the country to run the CIA at this point. I am sure that the reporters, Congresscritters, etc don't know any more about that question than I do. I am also sure that I like the fact that he was chosen.
  • We get to see the spectacle of moron Senators attacking a 61 year old 4 star while trying to appear properly respectful. This will be televised live for free. I would subscribe to pay-per-view for this one.
  • There is probably nobody better than the head of the NSA to finally put these stupid attacks about the terrorist surveillance program to bed, making the need to have a separate Senate inquiry moot and showing the detractors of this program look the fools that they are.
  • The CIA has failed the country more times than we can count over the last few decades. The result of these failures most directly impact the military. Having a 4 star General around to remind them of the consequences of their failed policies and reports must be a good thing.
  • Coordination between military intelligence and the CIA are reported to be poor. Who better to assist in fixing that problem than one of the military's own, much less a guy who was most recently running the NSA? There is an argument that this will result in the military intelligence guys gaining too much power from the CIA. I can see that argument in peace time, but my feeling is that would be a good thing.
  • I am not concerned about "undue influence from Rumsfeld". First, both men must follow the lead of the President. Second, what exactly can Rumsfeld do to a 61 year old 4 star? Block his future promotions? This argument seems completely without merit on its face.
Now, can we please have a reasonable proposal on immigration?


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