Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jimmy Carter needs a rubber room

From his European "I hate America too" tour we have this report on the former president (HT:LGF).

I must explain that my heritage is 100% German on one side and around 75% on the other. I therefore have nothing against Germans as a people. I don't have anything in particular against their current government or their army.

That said, Jimmy Carter thinks it would be just peachy to have a large number of German soldiers in uniform on the Lebanon/Israeli border. As you all know I am not particularly politically correct. But you can't tell the Israelis that they have to stop killing the terrorists in Lebanon and retreat back into their own borders because we are going to PROTECT them by putting ARMED GERMAN SOLDIERS on THEIR BORDER.

Apparently the reporter couldn't believe the former President's answer either as he asked a very respectful follow-up to give him the opportunity to "clarify". His response to the follow-up was perhaps even more disturbing than the first lunacy.
SPIEGEL: Should there be an international peacekeeping force along the Lebanese-Israeli border?

Carter: Yes.

SPIEGEL: And can you imagine Germans soldiers taking part?

Carter: Yes, I can imagine Germans taking part.

SPIEGEL: ... even with their history?

Carter: Yes. That would be certainly satisfactory to me personally, and I think most people believe that enough time has passed so that historical facts can be ignored.
Perhaps we now have an explanation for the number of totally idiotic policy moves during those terrible 4 years. If a fact has a few years on it, it can be ignored!


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