Thursday, April 28, 2005

Drag liberals into the Light

Ann Coulter's latest piece is not her usual biting over-the-top commentary but a much more rational, although partisan, suggestion for Senate Republicans that has been lost in the fray as she points out in the opening paragraph:
Democrats are in an incomprehensible rage over the filibuster. DON'T STOP READING! I AM NOT GOING TO DISCUSS THE HISTORY OF THE FILIBUSTER!

The most important paragraph (which btw Ann is a runnon sentence :-) in this must read column is
I am sublimely confident that normal Americans will not be shocked to learn that a Republican Senate plans to confirm the judicial nominees of a Republican president despite the objections of radical elements of a party that is the minority in the Senate, the minority in the House, the loser in the last two presidential races, the minority in state governorships, and the minority in all but a tiny number of very small but densely populated enclaves in this country that need to tax Rush Limbaugh, even though he lives in another state, just to keep all their little socialist programs afloat.

Me too. More than that I am supremely confident that any Republican Senator who votes against the rule change not only loses any possibility of a presidential nomination but will face the most well financed opponents in the primaries that they have ever seen. The base is pissed and they have their checkbooks out. Ann's point is just as valid. Surely even Democrats will not be shocked that Republicans would use the rules (and yes rule changes are part of the rules, ask Sen. KKK Byrd) to confirm the nominees of a Republican President. Democrats and Republicans alike would be shocked if Democrats didn't change the rules for their purposes. And it wouldn't take years.
As I understand it, the reason Democrats are in a blind rage about Priscilla Owen is that, as a state court judge in Texas, Owen interpreted a law passed by the Texas Legislature requiring parental consent for 14-year-old girls to have abortions to mean that parental consent was required for 14-year-old girls to have abortions.

OK, so this is classic Ann to liberal extremists who hate her. The only problem, as usual, is that while spun the statement is true. I have heard this case cited by numerous liberals on TV and radio as to why she is extreme and no others. Dig up the case. The reason she is an extremist is that she is not a liberal judicial activist.
I am a big Ann Coulter fan and think she is best when she is over the top. I like my Bill Maher over the top too. It is what they do. This article is a must read even for folks who don't generally like Ann's work.


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