Monday, September 12, 2005

Judge Roberts' confirmation process, day 1

All of the members of the Senate Judiciary committee spoke, Judge Roberts was sworn in, and Judge Roberts gave his opening statement. Of all the speakers, I believe Judge Roberts spoke for the shortest time (6.5 minutes).... and said more than all of the 18 Senators combined.

I am sure the text will be up soon but the analogy he used to describe his philosophy is an interesting one. A judge is the umpire in the baseball game of politics. His job is to make sure the game is played fairly and call balls and strikes. He is not there to play the game, to pitch or hit. He ended with "No one has ever gone to a baseball game to see the umpire."

The Democratic Senators then rushed out of the room to talk to the press some more.

Is anybody shocked?

Not that anyone has asked me for my advise to them, but they might want to go find something interesting to say before they rush off to bloviate. The last several elections have indicated that a majority of Americans tend to agree.


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