Sunday, November 06, 2005

Pet Peeve #241

Online Newspapers that split articles over multiple pages. It is annoying and pointless. Just because you think people enjoy flipping through newsprint 14 times to read the dead tree version doesn't mean that online readers like to "flip". That is one of the many reasons I don't read dead tree versions of any paper. As someone who travels it is even more annoying.

Scenario 1: I am in a hotel in the boonies (or worse yet, France) where dialup, and possibly poor dialup, is the only internet access. I look at the front page and middle click a few articles whose headlines look interesting to me. (For those of you stuck on Windoze and Internet Destroyer, that means that the link will open passively in a new tab.) A few minutes later I click on one of the tabs and start reading the article only to find that the bottom of the page isn't the bottom of the article. I click and wait, and wait and wait.

Scenario 2: I am about to head to the airport and want to gather up a bunch of news to read on the plane. I tab out a bunch of news. I put my laptop in sleep mode. I go get on the plane. I start to read.... and then I curse under my breath.

Please stop this practice.


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