Monday, December 19, 2005

One more reason to ditch Windoze

Expect a flood of virus infected emails to hit your accounts on Jan 5, 2005. Apparently the Sober virus of last November also left a time bomb that F-Secure figures is going to go off in 17 days. When it does, every computer infected will go off to a series of domains looking for a new virus instance to download and install. One would guess that this virus will also, just like Sober, email itself to all of the address book entries on the box.

Not to worry, your helpful correspondent will not be infected as my Mac and Solaris boxes will not care about any of this. It will agitate me as I will undoubtedly have to delete hundreds of copies of infected emails.

If you are currently running Windows, consider switching to something else, almost anything else, over the Christmas break. Barring that, update your virus scanner and run it. If you insist on running Windows and don't have a licensed virus scanner, buy yourself one for Christmas and install, update, and run it before you start partying on New Year's Eve. Then update it and run it again every night until you decide to make the switch.


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