Sunday, December 18, 2005

Playmates arrested for being stupid

This is not a headline that would shock many, but apparently, earlier this month, two former Playboy Playmates were arrested for out of control drunken behavior on a Frontier flight from Denver to San Antonio. The CBS affiliate story on their web site comes complete with the snippet from the nightly news, which I missed. Luckily, Tammy Bruce caught wind of it, and was compelled to post it. Tammy is probably as attracted, physically, to the two idiots in question as I, and most red blooded straight American males are. That is one of the two reasons why we will never make an item as much as I enjoy reading her blog and books and seeing her on TV. For the record, there are also two things between a "melding" between Ann Coulter and I, at least on my end. Ann is a blonde. Can you figure out what the common problem is? Hint: I am not gay. Hint 2: read my previous, "Hire Richi" post in total. Hey, it is my blog, I can confuse and/or offend the stupid who choose to read me at will.

Merry Christmas to those of you who didn't need the hints.


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