Tuesday, December 20, 2005

They have gone and done it

New York City transit workers are on strike. The busses and subway are shut down. 7 million people normally use these services every day. We will now see if Mayor Bloomberg has the force of will to do what Ronald Reagan did when the air traffic controllers did this. If he announced today that any worker who didn't show up tomorrow was out of a job I suspect that the subways would run tomorrow. If they don't show up tomorrow, start hiring.

I find it curious that in all of the articles I have read during this process I have not seen what these guys make and what their pension plan benefits are. I have seen offers of 3% but the union wants 5% but no hard numbers. Given that the elite media tend to be very pro union I suspect that if we knew what the guy pushing buttons on the train made and what his retirement package looked like you would faint. If that is true it shouldn't be hard to hire people to replace them.

Remember the Gipper, Mr. Mayor.


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