Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hugh's latest drinking game

Hugh has suggested that we play a drinking game on the Democratic response to the SOTU tonight. I am just getting over a cold, but it sounded like a plan to me. Then I read the game:
Whatever your poison and whatever your portion, throw back when you hear:

"culture of corruption"
"working families"

Even if I use half-shots, I don't think my system is up for that much abuse. I am not sure it ever has been.

I am therefore suggesting a slight twist on this. Guess in advance how many times these words will come up. Loser drinks. I am going guess 23. I am only going this low because I don't believe I have ever heard the "moderate" they are putting on. If it was Slo Jo I would have to guess at least 40. I will try to count and post the result. Then I'll have a drink just in case everybody else is closer.

Update: I guess I could have played the game Hugh's way after all. I only counted 3 and that was including "working Americans" as a viable substitute for "working families". The response from the Virginia gov was interesting but a bit of a sales job. All his talk about bi-partisan approaches sounds great, but it doesn't work when one party is calling itself the opposition party as opposed to just the minority party. There were no particular "plans" in the speech, but "let's play together and get something done" is a much more respectable message than we have come to expect from Senate Democrats in recent years.


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