Tuesday, May 09, 2006

US alerting Mexico to Minuteman patrols

From the "you have got to be $%#^@! kidding me" file, it was confirmed today that the US border patrol is informing the Mexican government of the time and location any time a non-law-enforcement person is involved in any way in the apprehension of illegals.

What moron came up with this idea? Put aside for a moment the fact that we know the corrupt Mexican government will tell their military to steer their potential border crossers elsewhere, this is akin to putting a target on the heads of these folks.

Look, we are all free to agree or disagree with what the MinuteMen are doing. But at the moment, they are American citizens who are on American soil doing absolutely nothing illegal. Are we next going to publish the home addresses of people who surf the net pretending to be kids and turn in potential child molesters? The Mexican military "accidentally" comes onto US soil on a regular basis according to some sheriffs in Texas. We know the drug lords often use the same routes that illegals seeking honest work use.

Do you know what the Mexican drug cartels could easily do with this information? Do you have any serious doubt that if the Mexican government gets this information that the drug cartels don't have it within hours, if not minutes?

If some of these people wind up getting murdered or kidnapped because the border patrol has this asinine policy, who should the family sue?

Some days, it just doesn't pay to read the news. I hope somebody asks Tony Snow about this tomorrow morning. Our beloved President needs to either force the head of the border patrol to change this policy or fire him and hire somebody with a clue.


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