Wednesday, September 14, 2005

D-La William Jefferson misuses National Guard

From Hurricane Katrina coverage on LGF:

Sept. 13, 3005 Amid the chaos and confusion that engulfed New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina struck, a congressman used National Guard troops to check on his property and rescue his personal belongings even while New Orleans residents were trying to get rescued from rooftops, ABC News has learned.

If this turns out to be true, not only should this guy not be elected again, he should be in prison somewhere.

Many people have complained that the POTUS didn't show up on scene as quickly as they would have liked. One of the reasons that Presidents don't rush into disaster scenes is that it bleeds away important resources to protect him. I am sure Karl Rove would have loved to have a photo op record of President Bush at the Superdome the day after the hurricane and the day after the floods. I cannot imagine that it was even considered or would have been by Bill Clinton or George H. W. Bush or Jimmy Carter when they were in the oval office. It isn't done and it isn't done for a VERY good reason.

It has been pointed out that President Bush showed up in Louisiana the very same length of time after the hurricane that he showed up in NY after 9/11. And, frankly, showing up that soon probably stretches resources inappropriately but the American people demand it.


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