Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Michigan catching up with Texas?

From the Detroit News:

Michigan residents could fatally shoot someone who breaks into their home or vehicle without facing criminal or civil prosecution under proposed legislation.
The two-bill package, which is opposed by anti-gun violence groups, would assume that a person who forcibly enters or intrudes in a home or occupied vehicle intends to kill or hurt the owner or occupant. It is patterned after a law signed earlier this year in Florida.
The bills, introduced Wednesday, also would eliminate the requirement that people who are being attacked have to retreat before responding, as long as they're in a place they legally have a right to be.

It amazes me that this hasn't been the law everywhere in the US my entire lifetime.

Carolynne Jarvis of the Michigan Partnership to Prevent Gun Violence criticized the bills. She was an opponent of a 2001 law making it easier to get a Michigan license to carry a concealed weapon.
"When concealed carry was expanded in Michigan, the rationale was that guns only would be used as a last result. This is basically saying guns are going to be the first resort," she said. "It's more likely you're going to end up shooting your son coming home late from a date ... than you are an intruder."

If they had actual journalists, we would know from the article if the claims that gun crime would increase with the passage of that 2001 bill happened. Of course, we don't know from the article and I don't have the time and inclination to go look. Any bets on this?


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