Wednesday, September 14, 2005

More on the hearings

From Wizbang:

Biden also tried to rake Roberts over the coals on a position he took on Title IX in 1982. The Reagan administration interpreted Congress' law one way and the Supreme Court agreed with the administration's position, which Roberts articulated. Once Roberts pointed out that Congress had written the law that way and the Supreme Court agreed that Roberts was right about its interpretation, Biden's criticism fell a little flat.

This has been the enjoying part of the hearings. One would guess that the Democrat Senators have a bunch of staffers, most of whom are smarter than their bosses. One would further guess that they have spent a lot of time going over Robert's writings and cases to find the points they felt were most likely to cause harm to the Robert's nomination. He is either the most careful, squeeky clean guy to ever face confirmation or he is so smart that there is nothing they could make up that he couldn't sidestep.


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