Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cindy Sheehan beaten up by cops

We could only hope. Seriously. I felt sorry for her loss but she is a parasite at this point. My sympathy for the loss of her very brave and apparently very level headed son has been exhausted. I feel for him and the rest of his family and his comrades in arms, but not for Cindy. Some kind rich liberal please buy her a brain transplant. The moron from CA who invited her should be thrown out of office. And if you really believe that the capitol police who escorted her out were anything less than professional you live in a very strange fantasy land that I never want to visit.

How does the press cover her insane statements with a straight face? Why does anyone publish what she says? She is an embarrasment to all Americans, especially those who oppose the current GWOT policies but do so from a place of reason and patriotism. Those people are wrong, IMO, but they are honerable. She is not.

Of course, this is all oppression of liberal speech by the big, bad Bushies. Never mind that a Republican Congressman's wife was also removed for wearing a "support the troops" T-shirt. Attire with messages isn't allowed in the gallery and frankly it shouldn't be. You are there to OBSERVE the political process, not to influence it. If any were allowed, all would have to be allowed and we don't need or want that in this particular environment. I might invite a random stranger wearing a "support the troops" T-shirt to dinner at my home but they shouldn't wear it into the floor of Congress. Just my opinion.


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