Thursday, February 02, 2006

Newspapers suing Google

I don't get this. It seems to me that if anything Google is probably increasing the traffic to newspapers. If I read your paper, I read your paper. The only other way I get there is if a blog, search engine or news aggregator sends me there. I happened to find this article on the Yahoo news aggregator. I don't understand their motivation other than to be stupid and force everybody not to link to them. If that turns out to be the case, those newspapers which allow this practice without charge will be the ones with traffic of significance. The others might as well shut down any web sites they have unless they decide to actually upgrade their product and attempt to compete with the WSJ which can, and does, charge for their outstanding content.

I pay for a local news paper only because my wife insists that she saves more with coupons than I pay for it. That means 5 days a week it goes straight to the trash. Some of the other trash is insulted.

John at Powerline agrees.


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