Sunday, June 19, 2005

Superdrug conquers cancer

This looks promising. It is too early to get too excited but it is interesting.

Before the trial, the research team already knew that the drug -- labeled 17AAG -- selectively and potently blocks the growth of a wide range of common cancer cells in the laboratory, causing them to "commit suicide."

In the computer business we give our projects cool names like Tiger, Amadeus, Snoopy, etc. The drug research people give their projects names like 17AAG. I am glad they are serious about what they do, but isn't this a little much?

Is the military becoming a family occupation?

Rantinprofs comments on the Newsweek article suggesting that it might be heading in that direction. To their credit they did point out something usually ignored by the press.

General Odierno is one of about 300 Army generals in the U.S. military. About a third of them have sons or daughters who have served or are serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.