Tuesday, September 12, 2006

September 11, 2001 Remembered

Yesterday I started writing a post on this topic and it got stupidly long and emotional so I thought I would try again today in a different format.

On "The Path to 9/11" : What were the luny lefties all fired up about? The show clearly made the early Bush administration look as incompetent as the Clinton one. Of all the characters in the film I think Condi Rice was made to look the worst. I am sure there were inaccuracies but the bulk of the docudrama seemed to me to fit the known facts with reasonable accuracy. There was a lot left out but they had to compress 8 years down to less than 5 hours.

To the heroes of 9/11 and the families of those who died saving others: You made our nation proud and showed the world why this country is special. We will never forget.

To our national security leadership, the grunts who work tirelessly under them and the allies who assist them: Thank you for your diligent and successful efforts to prevent further attacks on our cities. May your success over the last 5 years continue ever more.

To our military members and their families and the warriors from other nations who fight beside them: Thank you for your service and sacrifice. May God keep you safe and guide you to quick success in your mission. As always this nation owes you more than words can say for continuing to preserve our safety and liberty.

To the luny lefties in the press and the government who continue to work against rational and legal action of the administration in fighting those who aim to kill us all: There is a special place in Hell awaiting you. I feel confident that God's judgment for needlessly placing innocent lives at risk will not be as kind to you as the New York Times editorial page.

To the fledgling democracies of Afghanistan and Iraq: Starting a civilized and free democracy is not an easy project. Look through history at how long and painful the process has always been. That said, it has been worth the cost for every nation on earth that has succeeded. Good luck to you. We all await the day when we can welcome you into the small family of independent civilized nations.

Finally, to the terrorists: If you still believe that Allah is going to bring you to victory and present another caliphate to you, consider the following. Our God gave us the Unites States Marines. You clearly haven't met any of them yet because you are still alive to read this. May you meet one tomorrow.

I think that sums up my thoughts on the matter.