Tuesday, August 02, 2005

when smart women go stupid

If you are smart enough to get stupid men to pay you $2,000/hour for your time you should likewise be smart enough to keep your mouth shut (HT:Wizbang, and he has a bunch more of these under "shut your piehole" if you find these kinds of stories as funny as I do).

From All Headline News:

New York, NY (AHN) - New Yorkers who are familiar with the name Natalia McLennan are learning the news Sunday that the city's No.1 Escort, has been arrested.

New York Magazine recently labeled McLennan as the "Number One Escort In New York City", prompting McLennan to take to the air-waves as well as numerous newspapers and magazines giving details of her shady career as an escort for the wealthy including lawyers, politicians, and professional sports players, leaving some on-edge that a list will emerge of names ala Heidi Fleiss.


McLennan has reportedly gone into hiding until her court date. The escort claims to have taken home almost $2-million dollars last year charging clients as much as $2,000 an-hour.

It leads me to wonder if she was smart enough to pay taxes on enough of it to keep from being the next Al Capone.

Monday, August 01, 2005

How all young warriors should be treated

Because his site is overloaded I have included the post from Peenie Wallie in it's entirety. (HT: Michelle Malkin via Hugh Hewitt)

Marine has farewell dinner with family before shipping off to Iraq. Stranger picks up the tab.

On Tuesday night, July 26th, 2005, a proud father offered to take his son out for a special dinner. Mark Hickethier's son, Matt, had joined the Marines, and this would be one of their last meals together before he shipped out to Iraq, for a tour of duty expected to last one year.

They decided to go to The Fort in Morrison, Colorado, which is about two miles from my house, as the crow flies. It's one of the nicest, most expensive restaurants in the Denver area. It's where President Bill Clinton ate when he visited.

The son, Matt Hickethier, decided to wear his Dress Blues. His mother, sister, and father all dressed for the occasion. They spared no expense on their meal, ordering whatever they desired, regardless of the price, including champagne, appetizers, and dessert.

But when it came time to pay the bill, they had a surprise coming. The gentleman that had been sitting at the table next to them during their meal had picked up their tab. And left. The anonymous stranger had picked up on what was going on, and picked up their tab. He'd left his credit card tab open to cover anything they wanted, and then discreetly left the restaurant, stipulating that The Fort not reveal his identity.

This sounds like one of those chain emails and rumors that you read on the internet, but it isn't. It happened right here at The Fort in Morrison, Colorado. The Local Channel 9 News (NBC) aired the story last night. I called The Fort tonight and verified the story with the manager. He said it happened Tuesday night.

Very cool.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Bust a gut

If you are not a left wing coastal whack job, this is funny.

LA Times "reform"

Hugh Hewitt has a nice piece on who stays and who goes at the country's worst major paper. I gave up caring a long time ago but thought my CA friends might find it interesting.

Lines from the trenches

If you want to understand how the folks on the front line see the world..... try this one on for style.

Captain's Quarters early on the hijack of the new century

Air America steals from underpriviledged kids..... this one is not going to go away. The IRS is going to get involved which would scare me more than the Justice Department launching an investigation against me..... and it couldn't have happened to a nicer group of folks.

Pay attention to not only the what but the who

DSAdevil points out that yet another Bush critic from the "ex-CIA and pissed off because our worldview turned out to be hogwash" crowd is more worthy of disdain than column inches.....

The same Larry Johnson who is coming off all righteous and competent and reveling in his ex-CIA status and the Democrats' lionizing of those who criticize Republicans.

Larry wrote an op-ed in the New York Times published on July 10, 2001, titled "Declining Terrorist Threat". Let's let that timing sink in a little. Here's more of Mr. Johnson's brilliant analysis of the diminishing terrorist threat at about the same time--read it while the first brilliance is still sinking in. You see just two months later, the terrorist threat declined to show that it was declining; indeed, on September 11, 2001, the terrorist threat showed itself to be pretty much un-diminished.

If you have been following FL's favorite terrorist son

This piece shows why the only hope of fixing the terrorist threat is in the Muslim community turning its back on these tactics worldwide.

Podcasts are really blogcasts

Because Bill Gates no longer controls the most common useful electronic device in the typical US home....... Gizmodo gives us this.

This came out last week but warrants mention. Apparently in the halls of Redmond it is forbidden to speak the word “podcast.” It is, in fact, a “blogcast” and this “pod” thing is just clouding the issue.

Ignoring the simple fact that without the success of the iPod there would be no Pod/Blogcast broadcasts to listen to....... Bill Gates is falling into the Emporer's New Clothes syndrome. And I still enjoy several podcasts per day which I listen to on my iPod.

Mercenary American Army

BlackFive puts the hammer on the nail in pointing out the insanity of the MSM in assuming that anybody would sign up for the Armed Forces of the USA for the pay and financial benefits. They are so out of touch with the "typical" American that they cannot even define the center any more.

A wonderful sentiment on the ONE

Froggy Ruminations has a great piece on the ONE who survived the crash to fight on.... and fight, and survive, and fight....... if he represented that group of young men, which we have to believe he did, there aren't enough medals and memorials that we could give. Grab the tissues and read the post and the cross posts.

Wierdo groups on John Robert's nomination

Captian's Quarters has a great piece on the dislexia of the far left on the current Supreme Court nomination.

Logic results in tragic death

My heart goes out to the family of the Brazilian electrician who was shot under suspician of being a terrorist..... but, as Wizbang put it

1) It was the day after the second bombing.

2) The man was wearing a heavy jacket on a hot summer day.

3) The man jumped the turnstiles, violating the law.

4) The man ran from police.

5) The man ran towards a crowded subway car.

Can we really blame the poor cop(s) who made the assumption that this guy was attempting to blow up innocents?