Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why I love Sarah

I am not sure Sarah Palin is my first choice in 2012. There are a bunch of factors that will weigh into that decision for me, many of which we won't have data on for a couple of years. That isn't the issue for this post. She is clearly more qualified for the office than either the current occupant, his gaffe-a-day sidekick or his "leader" of either house .... but so is Mickey Mouse... or for that matter ME! All three of us have actual accomplishments.

The point of this post is to give the dumb-ole-country-boy take on Sarah Palin. How she will or won't stack up against potential, and to date unknown other options, is not the point.

I love Sarah Palin because she reminds me of the women I grew up around that made me a better, albeit imperfect, man. If I were to put a name on her it would be Mrs. Stumler. She was the first woman I knew in our community who took direct charge of part of the family business..... and she made a roaring success of it. At the end of the day Sarah is any of the women in the little farming community I grew up in... but somehow every time I see her face I superimpose Mrs. Stumler's face on her..... and it warms my heart.

I went through 6 years of gradeschool with her son. He was and is a great American and a good man, as were and are his siblings good men and women. She lost her husband, a great man by any measure, way too early in life many years ago. They all continued on the path that great family was destined for with hardly a beat missed. I cannot imagine how they did that..... I would have been devastated. I am still not sure how I will survive the loss of either of my parents. I pray for the strength they showed.

That is what I see in Todd and Sarah Palin and their family. They had real hardship in front of them last year and it did not change them one bit. The then Governor and "first Dude" of Alaska were the same people at the end of national campaign that they were when I first learned of her challenge to the EPA declaration of the endangerment finding of Polar Bears. I hadn't seen a picture, just read her legal challenge, and I immediately loved her as a fellow conservative interested in limited government based in reality. I didn't know about her impressive and storied history of busting balls in the Alaska state government to try to do the right thing... or the fact that most of the balls she busted had an "R" behind their name on the ballot.... all of which increased my appreciation of her.

Don't get me wrong, Sarah is HOT HOT HOT!!!! and on the flip side Mrs. Mailgeek makes it clear that the "first Dude" is HOT HOT HOT!!! That isn't why we love them. They are what they are and to me they are every successful (as in still raising their family) couple in the little farming community I grew up in who raised good kids and never reset their compass to the prevailing social whims. They are my aunts and uncles who are what they are, especially those uncles who helped my aunts to step ahead of society's expectations.

Mrs. Stumler is HOT HOT HOT!!!! and Mr. Stumler was one of the men I looked up to as a boy for a role model. I could replace her name with a dozen others except for the fact that he died way too early and I got to see the family continue down the same path they were on. It is only under times of tragedy that you get to see who is who but I have great confidence that most of the great women I grew up around would be successful beyond my comprehension.

Women who know what they are about and raise great kids are all HOT HOT HOT!!! I don't care what they look like, they are HOT HOT HOT!!! I was lucky enough to have many such role models and Sarah embodies them on a national stage. And Todd, aka "first Dude", embodies their husbands as best I can tell. In truth, as far as I can tell, Todd embodies my Uncle E.J. who was the closest this ole' country boy could have to a second beloved father.... and his wife, my aunt, is one of the many other strong women I could replace for Mrs. Stumler in the story.

I don't know if Sarah still has political ambitions.... I don't think anyone outside their immediate family does. She has been, and IMNSHO continues to be, good for the conservative movement and I pray she stays active for the movement's sake. It is clear to me that she saved Sen. McCain from a truly embarrassing defeat in 2008.... despite his campaign managers' complete ineptitude..... and there is no other rational way to describe their folly.

May G-d bless and keep Sarah and Todd and their family and allow them to help steer the movement and the country..... Amen!