Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sick of Tragedy Politics

There will be time for adjusting policy from what we do or don't learn from the VT murders later. It should wait until the bodies are cold, the families have had their time to grieve and the University and Police have had time to gather the evidence and present it in a meaningful manner.

Yes, there are Second Amendment issues here. Yes, there are necessary questions about the actions of the University and Police. Today and tomorrow there are real people who need the support of the nation in allowing them to grieve. For them this isn't about politics but about a murdered son, daughter, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend or fellow student or teacher. Both sides of the political spectrum seem equally guilty of this callousness and we all need to just step back for a few days and pray for those in grief.

I do understand the urge as I have it myself. As far as I know there is nobody involved with VTU that I know. Ergo, the disbelief and grief phases flew by for me. I moved almost immediately into intense anger. What we all need to do is understand that many of our fellow citizens are still in those two phases and give them a little respect and time before we engage in the inevitable politics this disturbed young man has thrust upon us.