Thursday, September 27, 2007

Should Universities Allow Dictators a Platform?

I didn't weigh in on the "President" of Iran being invited to speak at Columbia University. I am largely indifferent to anything being done on a US campus that refuses to allow ROTC or US military recruiters on campus. For that matter I am largely indifferent to anything done or said by people who don't grow up because they have lived their whole lives in school. At the end of the day the "You don't understand how propaganda works in dictatorships" crowd seems to have been right.

That said, did anybody notice the irony that while Columbia does not allow the US military on campus because of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy it happily invites a guy who runs a country that denies it has gay people and hangs them when it finds them? The only redeeming part of his visit was when the students laughed at the little midget when he denied they had gay people in his country. Even 20 year old liberal college students with no experience in the real world yet couldn't swallow that one without a chuckle.

I have often said that Columbia doesn't really care about "don't ask, don't tell" or they are morons. There is no other explanation for their "reason" for denying the military on campus. If they cared and had a clue they wouldn't allow US Congressmen on campus. The policy was not implemented by the Joint Chiefs of Staff on their own. It is a law passed by Congress and signed by former President Clinton. Thank you, most highly educated idiots, for proving my point. It is too bad that an insane two bit dictator had to play you like a bongo drum to prove the simple point, but I'll take it as one of the small victories out of your most recent fiasco.

If you are gay, female or Jewish and giving these people money voluntarily I feel for you.

Everybody with a clue and an internet connection or a satellite dish knew ImALittleWhackJob was an insane petty tyrant. Now they know that the Columbia University is a place of abject ignorance and apathy. Oh, yeah, almost forgot, they are led by people who are intellectually dishonest (liars for those of you with low SAT scores).