Friday, July 28, 2006

Bernie on Ann

In this Newsmax column, Bernie Goldberg is quoting as saying many unflattering things about Ann Coulter. Why do people so hate Ann? I don't think Al Franken is either smart or funny but I appreciate that there are people who at least find him entertaining. I don't agree with much that Bill Maher says but I watch his show because I think he is funny. Why such vitriol about these people whose schtick is over the top? You either like them or you don't but if you take them literally you have a problem, not them.

To be fair, Bernie included Al Franken in his "100 People Who are Screwing Up America" and didn't include Ann. But why include either? Al Franken isn't funny IMO and he is a documented fib teller, but the handful of people who do listen to him don't carry any weight and are gonna vote a straight Democrat or Green party ticket whether there is or isn't an Al Franken. How is he possibly Screwing Up America?

I ride the short bus

I am going to do something I usually don't do, post an entire post from another blog in entirety. I know some of you don't follow links and this was just too funny. The original is here.