Thursday, July 13, 2006

Where the heck has Greg been?

I had a very rough June. It was the end of our fiscal year and work was a madhouse. To top it off my rental car was busted into on a trip to CA. I lost my laptop, iPod, and a bunch of other stuff some of which I haven't yet gotten replaced. When I have a few more minutes I will post the details. It is a very funny story if it didn't actually happen to you. I am even more behind early this July than in a typical year.

I nabbed documentinginsanity at but haven't had a chance to play with it yet. If I post there I will link to the post here. What they claim to be doing seems like a good idea but we will see if the technology is as good.

As I type this there would seem to be a significant likelihood of significant carnage due to the reaction of the Israelis to the rocket fire, border incursions, killings and kidnappings from the IslamoNazis (heard Michael Medved's explanation of that term and why he thinks it is most appropriate and think I will stick to it for a while).

hope all is well, hope you thanked a soldier on the 4th

more soon